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This free technical brief provides you with an overview of the necessity for two-factor authentication in the current digital climate, as well as the flexible methods in which PortalGuard addresses that demand.

Of course, the method of delivery for the second factor is much more detailed than simply providing a piece of hardware, alongside your typical login credentials - with the exception of bio-metric 2FA which only requires your presence. Typical 2FA involves the delivery of a single-use, constantly changing code called a One-time Password (OTP).

The use of two distinct authentication factors increases security by adding another, exponentially more difficult to crack barriers for potential attackers, while reducing the threat inherent in relying simply on a potential weak and unsecured password. 

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How it Works

Customize your 2FA setup even further with a flexible solution developed to match the needs of both your organization and specific users therein.

What's inside this Tech Brief?

Get a step-by-step overview of PortalGuard's User enrollment and 2FA login process for both cloud/web-based applications and VPN's using RADIUS 

OTP Configuration

Learn how to use and view a recent example of the PortalGuard configuration editor

One-time Password Options

Beyond 2FA: Contextual


Learn about the multiple OTP delivery methods integrated with or developed by PortalGuard including PassiveKey tokenless 2FA, Yubico Yubikey, RSA SecurID, and Google Authenticator.

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“Portalguard is easy to install, configure, and brand. It has given us the ability to allow our agents to self-service their active directory accounts, giving us a level of security we’ve needed but were unable to achieve before PortalGuard. AWESOME!”