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No matter what industry you're in, businesses and organizations across the globe are experiencing a growing amount of complexity in their environment. In the world of IT, where it is too easy for things to become complicated, simplicity is king. For organizations seeking a more customized or specific method of organization and integration, Microsoft Active Directory has been the database of choice. 

In this free PortalGuard white paper, not only will you learn more on why so many organizations choose AD as their go-to user repository, you'll delve deeper into the flexibility of integration and support offerings that you need to help elevate the identity management solution in your environment. 

Discover and utilize the wide array of possibilities for auditing, organization and authentication.

Active Directory and Identity Management

Your Company's Internal Compliance

Authentication Today - Identity Management

Self-Service Password Reset and OTP Verification Options

A look at authentication before and after the proliferation of computers, networks and tools like Active Directory.

What's inside this White Paper?

Integration and management tools tailored to your unique situation

Learn about the multiple help desk alternatives to AD password resets and various one-time-passcode (OTP) delivery options.

Discover and utilize the wide array of possibilities for auditing, organization and authentication including Macintosh integration and mobile device/app access.

We take a peek beyond the typical higher-level compliance requirements, reviewing the internal procedures and regulations your company needs to follow as required by your customers.

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Our 2017 Active Directory Identity Management white paper can help you understand why Microsoft AD is the directory of choice for businesses and organizations and how to apply its benefits in your environment. 

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