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The benefits of SSO go beyond our convenience to end users, it can also improve user authentication

Putting an end to user complaints about having to remember multiple passwords is an objective in many organizations. With multiple web applications being accessed, IT staff often struggles to manage multiple user repositories. A common complication that arises is when a password is changed in one repository, but is not updated in the others. This can lead to both security and support issues that make it even more diffcult to implement a password security policy across multiple systems.

“Portalguard is easy to install, configure, and brand. It has given us the ability to allow our agents to self-service their active directory accounts, giving us a level of security we’ve needed but were unable to achieve before PortalGuard. AWESOME!”

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“At AIG, we have been using PortalGuard Tools (Web Set & Password Power for Domino) for more than 10 Years. We are very satisfied with the features of the tools and the support of the Portal Guard Support Team.”


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