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Tokenless Two-Factor Authentication with PassiveKey

  • Two-factor scenarios & situations
  • Preconceptions about two factor authentication 
  • PassiveKey and its intended use
  • Security and usability of PassiveKey
  • All the technical details!



We've all heard about the big data breaches over the last few years, but unless it happens to your company or one of your competitors, there’s still that feeling of “it won’t happen to me”

Authentication is the front door and if you haven’t reinforced it, then it’s a soft target for anyone who sees it as a way to make money or build their reputation.

In this webinar, learn how to empower your end users with enhanced security and usability. Master your organization's technology hurdles with expert advice on how to achieve two-factor authentication without all the costly hardware tokens using PortalGuard's PassiveKey. 

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Reduce Helpdesk Calls and Login Prompts

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Gregg Browinski

Software Developer & Authentication Expert At PistolStar, Inc

Gregg, PistolStar’s Chief Technology Officer, oversees PortalGuard's product development and technical support. Prior to joining the company in 2001, he received extensive experience as a developer at IBM Lotus and Iris Associates. Gregg has served as the lead architect and developer for PortalGuard, PistolStar's flagship product.He is responsible for the product’s technical success and the recognition it has received through award nominations.