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Managing Identity for HIPAA Compliance

Learn how PortalGuard can help you reach your compliance requirements. 

"When it comes to managing electronic protected health information (ePHI), authentication is the key to security. Like unlocking the doors to their offices,

doctors, nurses, and support staff must have the keys to verify their identities before gaining access to particular healthcare applications. HIPAA does not

specify the technical requirements for how to unlock these digital doors..."

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Understand how PortalGuard's flexible OTP delivery methods can allow all of your users to be compliant.  


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One-Time Password Options

Understand how PortalGuard's PassiveKey can easily allow your end-users pass through two-factor.

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“At AIG, we have been using PortalGuard Tools (Web Set & Password Power for Domino) for more than 10 Years. We are very satisfied with the features of the tools and the support of the Portal Guard Support Team.”


-Canal Insurance

-AIG Corporate Systems

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“Portalguard is easy to install, configure, and brand. It has given us the ability to allow our agents to self-service their active directory accounts, giving us a level of security we’ve needed but were unable to achieve before PortalGuard. AWESOME!”