A Multi-Factor Approach

Contextual-Based Authentication

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Strengthen security to match your organization's policies and compliance standards 


"Increases in roaming user populations and remote access to organizations’ confidential  data is becoming a larger security concern, leaving organizations with choices to make about how to secure these resources. A conflict of interest between business groups and IT security can create a struggle to maintain usability while increasing security. Although instituting better password policies is a preliminary option, organizations are often over steering towards rigid two-factor authentication..."

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Increase usability for authorized users while creating barriers for unauthorized users. 

Get a look at a detailed comparison between contextual and static authentication. 

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Balance Security & Usability

“At AIG, we have been using PortalGuard Tools (Web Set & Password Power for Domino) for more than 10 Years. We are very satisfied with the features of the tools and the support of the Portal Guard Support Team.”


-AIG Corporate Systems

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-Canal Insurance

“Portalguard is easy to install, configure, and brand. It has given us the ability to allow our agents to self-service their active directory accounts, giving us a level of security we’ve needed but were unable to achieve before PortalGuard. AWESOME!”