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Learn How to Navigate the Authentication Crossroads

  • Moving to stronger authentication polices (Password quality, KBA, 2FA)
  • The need to configure authentication by user, group, or organization
  • Need to increase ROI by moving from a per-user cost to a fixed cost
  • The trials and tribulations of working with more than one Active Directory
  • Cohabitation of two separate 2-factor solutions


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Deploying stronger authentication into any environment can cause unneeded stress. However, by taking a phased approach with a hybrid solution you can alleviate many of these headaches. With multiple one-time password delivery methods, you can configure by user, group, or organization to allow for easier deployment and increased user adaptation. During this webinar we will address the top five most common headaches we have encountered and want to help you overcome.

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Gregg Browinski

Software Developer & Authentication Expert At PistolStar, Inc

Gregg, PistolStar’s Chief Technology Officer, oversees PortalGuard's product development and technical support. Prior to joining the company in 2001, he received extensive experience as a developer at IBM Lotus and Iris Associates. Gregg has served as the lead architect and developer for PortalGuard, PistolStar's flagship product.He is responsible for the product’s technical success and the recognition it has received through award nominations.